Criminal Case Results

There can be lasting, disastrous consequences for a conviction of any criminal. Regardless of the immediate penalties, including those mandated by mandatory minimum sentences, the long-term effects of having a criminal conviction on your record can have may be far more severe. If you’ve been charged with a criminal offense, you will need to do everything in your power to defend your rights and protect your future. The most important thing you can do is to retain an experienced criminal attorney like John Schweri, who will know how protect you from the charges that have been leveled against you.

Case History

Violation of Probation/Violation of Parole/Violation of Community Corrections
Assault/Aggravated Assault/Aggravated Domestic Assault
Simple Possession, Casual Exchange, Cocaine for Resale, Meth for Resale, Heroine for Resale, Marijuana for Resale, Pills for Resale, Manufacturing and Promotion of Meth
Felon with a weapon
Driving Under Influence (DUI), Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), Underage Drinking, Open Container, Implied Consent, Traffic Violations, Driving on Suspended, Driving on Revoked
Theft, Fraud, Forgery, Criminal Simulation, Embezzlement
Kidnapping, Robbery, Burglary
1st and 2nd Degree Murder, Manslaughter, Involuntary Manslaugter, Reckless Homicide
Vehicular Assault, Vehicular Homicide,
Child Abuse, Aggravated Child Abuse, Solicitation of a Minor
Juvenile Crimes, Delinquent, Unruly, Truancy, Transfer to Adult Court
Department of Children Services, Termination of Parental Rights  
All Sex Crimes and Violations of Sex Offender Registry and Community Supervision for Life


Case Results





DUI - reduced to Reckless Endangerment in Davidson County General Sessions 


DUI by Allowance - Dismissed in Maury County General Sessions 


DUI 2nd - Amend to Implied Consent Violation Lawrenceburg General Sessions


CDL Moving Violation - Dismissed based on payment of Court costs Maury County General Sessions 


CDL Moving Violation - Dismissed based on payment of Court costs - Giles County General Sessions 




Simple Possession of Marijuana - Dismissed in Maury County General Sessions 


Felony Amount of Marijuana for Resale - Diversion, Dismissed, Expunged Maury Circuit Court 


Meth for Resale in Drug Free Zone (DFZ) - 10 years Probation Maury County Circuit Court




2nd Degree Murder - plea to Involuntary Manslaughter, 5 yrs to serve at 30%, credit time served, paroled in 6 months from jail Maury County Circuit Court 

Attempted 1st Degree Murder - 8 years to serve at 30% versus 25-40 yrs at 100% Maury County Circuit Court


Attempted 2nd Degree Murder - split confinement, 6 months to serve, rest on probation Lawrence County Circuit Court


Attempted 2nd Degree Murder - 6 yrs to serve at 30%, versus 25-40 yrs at 100% Maury County Circuit Court


Aggravated Robbery - Dismissed, Maury County General Sessions 


Especially Aggravated Robbery, Especially Aggravated Kidnapping, Aggravated Assault - 4 yrs Probation, Maury County Circuit Court


Aggravated Assault - Hung Jury at Jury trial, not re-tried, case over Maury County Circuit Court


Felony Harassment of Government official - Dismissed in Opening Argument at Jury Trial  Marshall County Circuit Court 


Aggravated Robbery - 7 counts, 6 yr Sentence at 30%, became trustee, paroled 6 months later out of county jail, no prison time - Maury County Circuit Court


Aggravated Burglary and Theft $10-60K - 7 counts, 5 years Probation - Giles County Circuit Court 


Aggravated Domestic Assault - Retired for 1 year in Marshall County Circuit Court 


Aggravated Burglary and Theft $10-$60K - 1 year split confinement, 270 days to serve, rest on probation Marshall Circuit Court 

Not all cases are provided and the results are not necessarily representative of all results obtained by the lawyer in all cases, and a prospective client’s individual facts may differ from the matter in which the results are provided. All cases and the results obtained in all cases are fact dependent.


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